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Our Story

Mended Arrow Clothing Co. is an Indigenous-owned, female-owned, (future) black & differently-abled owned company. We are working on inclusion and representation for all to feel beautiful. With that said, here is our story... (TRIGGER WARNINGS)

Growing up in generational poverty, co-dependency/addictions, and severe abuse, we are programmed to think there are limitations placed upon us. We do not get the luxury to dream or take a chance. Admittedly, I fell into this trap for a long time. I had a friend who called me out and asked me what I wanted in life and how I was going to get there. I reflected on my life and realized I was repeating cycles. If I was going to break free, I had to pick myself up by my bootstraps and change the future for my sons. At the time I was a single mother, who was working a low-paying job trying my best to overcome the obstacles I was facing. 

2006 changed our lives forever. My youngest son was diagnosed with Autism. Shortly after, so was my oldest son. Now I found myself alone, desperate for help, and completely overwhelmed. I had to decide if I was going to let this cycle keep me hostage or if I was going to beat the odds. As a parent of children with disabilities, we start learning to fight for our kids. The systems in place are meant to distract and discourage our families. This problem is amplified for families of color. My sons being black actually meant they were at a higher risk of being misdiagnosed, mislabeled, and receiving a delayed diagnosis. I was not going to stand by and take it! I had to approach every meeting, every advocating email, and every phone call with boxing gloves on. 

Reflecting on all aspects of my life. I researched like crazy. I asked every successful person I knew, questions about how to move forward. I asked every agency about programs that assisted families like mine. I wouldn't take no for an answer. If they didn't have an answer, I would ask who did. I began jobs that gave me access to others in my community. These jobs allowed me to learn about credit and financing. They connected me to community programs and those who run them. In 2011, I became the first homeowner in several generations. I was on top of the world. Who knew that little freckled-faced, glasses-wearing girl from the trailer park was going to beat the odds? My sons needed a place they could grow up in and always call home. I never wanted them dependent on a government system that may not be around one day. The goal was for them to be self-sufficient and independent. It was going to be a battle, but we were geared up and ready to fight it.


As I became a healthier person, I met my partner in crime. He is the one who allowed me to be safe enough to heal and secure enough to chase my dreams. He taught my sons and me what true unconditional love was. This was something I had never experienced. With his support, I was inspired to encourage others to do the same. I know it is not an easy battle. There are days I have felt so beat up, that I wanted to quit. Then I remembered that innocent little girl in me who desperately wanted someone to fight for her. 

These changes took some serious self-reflection. I continue to work tirelessly to break generation chains! It is not easy and it Is a relentless battle. So many of us are working to heal our own wounds, but also heal those of our ancestors. This is where the name MENDED ARROW comes about. It is a symbolic reminder to push forward even after we have been broken. We must persevere despite what has happened to us. We have to feel safe enough to ask for help and to seek healing. The desire to continue growing allows us to heal ourselves and future generations. 

The last words my Dad was able to say to me were "Just Heal". I work towards this every day. I carry his love and his desire to grow and change the future for all of us with me. I am constantly learning and evaluating myself, hoping to be a better person every day, and YOU CAN TOO!

Many of us have come from rough upbringings, trauma, and lose focus. Often we may feel broken down. The message behind Mended Arrow is to remind us and others to keep pushing, continue to heal, and persevere forward. We must go through it to come out of it. Ultimately, we are blessed to have the opportunity to work on healing for ourselves and future generations. So many others didn't get this opportunity. 

Our goal is to share a reminder of positive messages (through designed items) that help encourage us through these times. We hope when you wear our messages, you feel inspired to keep fighting for your happiness, to continue to heal, and to push along your own personal journey. Every entity that assisted in this project had the same energy and saw our vision and purpose. 

Our messages are aimed to bring peace, encouragement, and positivity to your lives and to those you share your light with. Mended Arrow wants to help you share your positive energy everywhere you go. 

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